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10 Signs of Cheating Spouses – What To Look For

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Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Do you know the warning signs? There is no one sign, short of catching your spouse in bed with another partner, which will point to the cheating. Rather it is a combination of signs that will give you the evidence you need to make an outright accusation. The top ten signs of a cheating spouse may be summarized as follows:

1. When you spouse comes home from work each day, the normal routine was to share what you each did during the day. Now that seems to have changed and he/she no longer wants to tell you things that happened at the office or give you details of how the day went. When you try to press the issue and ask questions, your spouse may become very irritated and want to change the subject.

2. You start to notice changes in your spouse’s work schedule. Where you once went to work and cam home at the same time, your spouse’s day starts and ends at a different time than yours. There may be more evening meetings than usual or more travel involved than there ever was before. Maybe overtime is the excuse, but you notice that there is no extra pay on the check for these extra hours.

3. All of a sudden, your spouse may take an interest in a new hobby or sport that takes him/her out of the house more often. This could include such things as joining a gym, taking up golfing or something else in which he previously displayed no interest at all.

4. New clothes, hairstyles and hair color seem to be his/her main priority. This is especially true for a spouse that despised shopping but now takes advantage of every opportunity to go shopping. Purchases of more stylish clothing and dressing up to go out for a walk are signs you should be aware of.

5. Showering immediately after coming home could mean that he/she doesn’t have the scent of perfume or aftershave that is different from yours. This is especially true if your spouse has only recently started doing this and normally would not bother to shower until bedtime or in the morning.

6. Another sign you should be aware of is when your spouse suddenly changes the scent of perfume or aftershave. This could mean that your spouse has received a gift or new perfume or aftershave from the “other person”.

7. When talking on the cell phone, your spouse usually carried on all conversations in your presence. You became used to the cell phone ringing on all occasions. Now your spouse leaves the room when the cell phone rings and usually the phone is turned off when you are around.

8. A casual conversation with your spouse about cheating causes him/her visible discomfort. This is a warning sign that something is going on that your spouse doesn’t want you to find out about.

9. The least little thing you do cause your spouse to become argumentative and critical, whereas in the past, he/she was very easy going. You get the idea that your spouse is annoyed that you are around and wants to be somewhere else.

10. Is the position of the seat in the car always moved and you have to move it back to your position of comfort? When you ask how come this is happening all the time, you either get no response or one that just doesn’t make sense.

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