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Cheating Women – How Would the Husbands Know?

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What signs do cheating women display that would give away the secret they are trying to hide about their extramarital affairs? It is often harder for husbands to discover the cheating habits of their wives because women are more adept at covering their tracks. In facet their best friends may be very surprised when the news comes out. However, there are signs all around you – you just have to be able to recognize them for what they are. Some may be more obvious than others, but it is the silent signals that will initially arouse your suspicions.

According to men whose women have cheated on them, the first sign is that her approach to sex will change. This can run the gamut of not wanting to have sex with you at all to becoming more adventurous in trying new positions to becoming more dominant in the bedroom. These signs may not apply to all women, if she is usually the one who initiates the action or that she is willing to go along with you when you want to try something new. The same can be said for infrequent sex if it is not something that you do every night.

Does your partner actively encourage you to go out with the boys where once she complained if you went out more than one night a week? This could be a sign she wants more time to herself to engage in other activities with a lover and she wants you out of the house. She may also leave just after you do and make sure she is home before you get home. One way to find out is to pretend that you are going to the gym or a poker game and then stick around outside to see what goes down.

A woman that is cheating on her husband often starts dressing up more and buying more stylish clothes. Having her hair down in a different way or changing her hair color all of a sudden could also be a hint if this is something quite out of the ordinary for her. Think back to when these changes started to occur. Did something else happen at the same time? For example, she may have started a new job and this is part of the change in her life and may not mean that she is having an affair.

Not sharing events that took place during the day is often a sign that your relationship is changing. If you always sat and talked about your day in the evening and now she refuses to share this aspect of her life with you generally means she has something to hide. If you persist, she may make efforts to change the subject and become irritated with you if you persist.

While one or more of these signs by themselves do not mean your woman is cheating on you, a combination of them usually does. You do need to get things out in the open so you know where you can go from here.

What Is Emotional Infidelity and How Can It Harm a Relationship?

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You can be guilty of emotional infidelity without ever actually cheating on your partner. This type of infidelity refers to thinking about what it would be like to sleep with someone other than your partner and even to fantasize about such an event. In this role, you are something like an actor preparing for a role or a writer creating a scene in a story. You would rehearse what you would say and how you would act. For some it is a daydream that keeps them going as they think about various situations in which they could have an affair with this person and what it would be like.

The person that you fantasize about may not be a person that you have met or are friends with. It could be a movie star or singer that you have seen on TV or read about in a magazine. It could be a close friend in whom you have confided secrets or a person that has helped you over a rough patch in your marriage or relationship. Through the sharing and the advice you receive, you form an emotional attachment to this person and you carve being in his/her presence. The thing is your feelings may never be reciprocated and this person may not have any more feelings for you beyond friendship.

When you let this type of infidelity control your thoughts and feelings, you may be moving farther away from your partner who then starts to feel neglected and left out. The thing is that many people do not even realize that fantasizing about being with someone other than their partner is actually infidelity because you are not being faithful to him/her in your thoughts and feelings.

So how can you set the boundaries between being unfaithful emotionally and ordinary friendship, especially if it is with someone you don’t even know on a personal level? If you tend to form imaginary emotional attachments to people you see on television, try to limit the amount of television you watch or change the types of shows you watch. Limit the number of magazines you buy that give details about the lives of stars. Some women tend to fantasize about the heroes and heroines they read about in novels. If this description fits you, then you should try to limit the number of these books that you read. When you surf the net, try not to go into pornographic sites. These also introduce you to pictures that may cause you to be unfaithful to your partner in your fantasies.

When you do have a close friendship with a neighbor or a co-worker, try not to become too attached emotionally by not revealing too many secrets about your life. You can ask advice and still keep the friendship on an impersonal level so that this person cannot get to know too much about you. Even at business meetings over dinner, ask if partners can come along so that you won’t let yourself slip up and actually cheat when you shouldn’t.

It’s Harder To Catch Cheating Husbands

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With the advances in technology it’s now getting harder for wives to find evidence with which they can confront their cheating husbands. At one time, the telltale sign was lipstick on the collar. However, the lipstick of today does not come off easily and since it is so well known, the other woman is also careful not to get caught, especially if she is married or in a relationship.

High-speed Internet, cell phones, text messages and fax machines make it easier than ever for unfaithful partners to communicate with the ones they are cheating with. This allows mane and women to communicate in secret without leaving a trace that is easy to find. At one time, the only way of communicating by telephone was through a landline and then with Caller ID, one could easily see who had called the home. Now with a cell phone, you can talk anywhere, in the car, on the street – even in the bathroom. A husband who doesn’t want his wife to know that the girlfriend is calling can easily turn off the phone when she is around.

Communicating by means of the Internet is also quite easy. All you need is an email address and you can send messages to whomever you please. A husband that is cheating on his wife will have an email address and password that she knows nothing about and therefore can live a completely different life with a different set of friends. With online messaging, he can make plans to meet without his wife being aware of his activities.

The Internet also offers ways of getting caught when the husband is cheating if he is not careful. It is so easy to make purchases and book hotels online. All one needs is a credit card. This is sometimes the way that wives get the evidence they need to prove an affair. When the credit card statement comes in and there are charges she didn’t know about for gifts or hotels – well it’s only natural that this would raise suspicions.

There are ways for a wife to check her husband’s computer activity. If he starts spending more time than usual on the computer, you may wonder whom he is talking to. Of course, he may just be searching for information on various subjects, but if you ask and this is the case, he will gladly tell you what he is doing. When the answer is “just surfing around”, you could probably come to the conclusion that there is someone else. When he leaves the computer, check the browsing history to see the sites he recently visited. If it has been cleared then there is something he doesn’t want you to know.

Keep a close watch on the Caller ID of your house phone because sometimes, the other woman will call when she knows you’re not at home. If you can manage to get your hands on the cell phone, you can bring up the list of callers and numbers stored in the memory. If these are not familiar to you, use a reverse telephone look up to get a name and address.

Why Are There So Many Unfaithful Wives?

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It’s strange to think that when there are problems in a marriage, the blame always seems to focus first on the husband. However, there are almost as many unfaithful wives as there are unfaithful husbands. There are many reasons why women cheat on their husbands and have an affair – often with someone else’s husband. This begs the question of why there are so many unfaithful wives.

The top reason for the increase is that women have more contact with men outside of the home. Many women work in busy offices or factories and therefore have more opportunities to interact with members of the opposite sex than ever before. At one time, the wife stayed at home and looked after the house and the children. Now, there are many men in this role with the wife being the main wage earner in the family, but in most cases both partners work at different jobs.

Depending on the nature of the work, there may be night shifts, evening meetings over dinner and travel involved. There may be one or more men with whom she has daily contact or works closely with and so she gets to know them on a personal level. If there are small problems in the marriage, she may look to this person for advice or comfort and so a relationship starts to develop, which blossoms over time.

A woman who is unfaithful to her husband may feel as if she is being neglected when his work and leisure activities seem to take precedence over her wants and needs. She therefore looks for comfort in other areas, which leads to infidelity. Her husband may not even realize that she feels this way and then be really surprised to find that she has been unfaithful.

Some women just like the thrill of the chase and the sense of excitement they feel when they sneak around and cheat on their husbands. They may just want to feel that they are still attractive to other men so that they can still feel young. Meeting a man that comes on to them could be very exciting to a woman that is starting to feel complacent in her married life.

Another reason why a wife may be unfaithful is an act of revenge against her husband for his cheating. The old adage “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” comes into play here when she thinks that she is getting back at him for his infidelity. She can come up with many excuses to be out of the house, such as going shopping. All she has to do is come back with a small purchase to prove that she has been shopping. This is especially true of women who like to window shop and could spend hours in a mall without buying anything at all.

Just like cheating husbands, cheating wives are bound to slip up and leave evidence behind that they are being unfaithful. The husband is often the last to know and therefore needs to recognize the signs.