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What Are The Causes of Marital Affairs?

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It is hard to discuss the causes of marital affairs because they are so different and depend on individual circumstances. Each affair is a result of complicated factors that can run the gamut to being unhappy in the marriage or just being in the right (or wrong) place at the right time. The factors that led to an extramarital affair can be looked at in social, cultural or psychological terms.

There are men and women who are social butterflies, always flirting with someone. You don’t relay know if they are fooling around or if they are really looking for you to flirt back with the hopes of it leading somewhere. For these people, one partner is never enough and they go through partners like water appearing to be searching for something that is just out of their reach. On the surface they appear to have a happy marriage and their spouse probably does think they do never suspecting a thing. For some spouses, they don’t care that their partner is cheating on them, just as long as they come home to them at the end of the affair or each night knowing full well that they have been with someone else.

If one of the spouses is consumed with his/her own happiness instead of making sure that the spouse’s needs are being met, then this could be the cause of an affair for either one of them. A husband or wife that feels neglected will go out and have an affair with another person just for companionship and for needed emotional comfort and support. The greedy spouse will go out and have an affair just because it’s what he/she needs at the time to feel happy.

With the relaxed divorce laws and the ease with which one can now get a divorce, there seems to be an increase in the number of extramarital affairs. This means that there is less commitment and sincerity on the part of one of the spouses right from the start of the marriage because he/she knows that it will be easy to get out of the marriage by using irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the divorce. Even the threat of being jailed or fined in some states does not deter the would-be cheater because it is common knowledge that there has to be irrefutable proof of the adultery. Of course, everyone that gets into an affair feels that they can keep it a secret and won’t get caught.

Another factor that often contributes to marital affairs is a change in the situation at home. The birth of children means that the couple has less time to spend alone with each other. There are also added financial responsibilities that one spouse may use the affair as a way of escaping from for a short time. Then there is the age factor. Both men and women feel that they are getting old and do not want to let go of the freedom of their youth. They engage in an affair with a person much younger than themselves trying to recapture some of their younger days and deny that they are getting older.