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A Closer Look At Internet Infidelity

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What is Internet infidelity? This is the term that has been coined to describe having an intimate relationship with someone online. It is different from online dating where a single person is looking for someone with whom he/she can establish a relationship. When a married person converses with someone online in the same manner as dating, this is being unfaithful even though there is no sexual activity involved.

Internet relationships are very enticing to those who would never consider having an actual affair. This is because it allows them to communicate with an unknown person in a way that helps them get some of the emotional support they need for an unhappy situation. Quite often the marriage is very happy and one of the partners chats online to someone else simply out of boredom and for fun. According to survey results regarding people who do engage in this type of affair, women just want someone to take with, while men look for a person willing to talk about sex.

The Internet chat lines are addictive. They are also easily accessible and enticing with their colorful graphics and the chance to view pictures of men and women with whom you might want to start an online relationship. It is also easier to hide the infidelity because you are the only one with the user name and password to access your account. You can also chat at home or at the office because no one will be any the wiser. Even if your spouse suspects infidelity, and finds out you are using an online dating service, there is no way that he/she can access your emails unless you give out the information.

You may argue that there is nothing physical attached to chatting to someone online. However, the fact that you act as if you are carrying on an affair and if you have conversations about love making and sex, then you are being unfaithful to your partner. It could be termed emotional cheating, especially if you do discuss your partner with this person and give out details of your intimate relationship. You are being unfaithful because you are taking time away from your marriage and your partner to chat online with a stranger. Therefore your Internet affair is consuming more time than you devote to your spouse.

People do seek out relationships online for the same reasons they engage in actual affairs. They are looking to have needs met that they are missing bout on in their real lives, The Through an Internet affair, they can play out their fantasies and say things that they would never of dream of saying in person, even to their partners.

The best way to deal with an Internet affair is to prevent it from happening. If your computer is set up in an area of the home where everyone has access to it, you will be less likely to start chatting to an unknown person or to talk about sexual topics. Don’t just cruise the Internet to help alleviate your boredom and have a specific search topic of destination in mind when you do surf the net.

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