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Cheating Boyfriends – How To Know He’s Moved On

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It may be a little harder to discover cheating boyfriends when you don’t live together and are not together all the time. However, once you get a suspicion that your boyfriend is cheating, you will become amore aware of the signs and these are the same whether you are in gay or heterosexual relationship. The first inclination is the gut feeling that you have that your boyfriend is distancing himself from you. There may be more and more excuses why you can’t go out together or he may be harder to reach on the phone, having it turned off or not answering your calls. The best advice is to go with your gut feeling sand assume that there is something wrong, but be careful not to start accusing him too quickly.

Most men have a standard routine. If you notice a distinct or sudden change in this routine, such as working more, going out with his buddies more often or having a drink more than usual., this could be a sign that there is someone else and his behavior patterns are starting to change to meet this person’s schedule. This is especially true if he hasn’t told you about any of his changes of plans. It is only natural that everyone wants to improve by going on a diet or start a workout routine, but if this is a sudden change of heart, you should take it as a warning.

All relationships have their ups and downs and intimacy may be decreased at times. When you notice a decline in intimacy between you, reflect on whether or not it has been like this in the past at any time and what brought it on. Try various things such as trying to initiate intimacy and see how he reacts. Does he act the same as he always did or does he just put on an act and really gives you the feeling that he doesn’t want to be with you? He may give you a little peck on the cheek, where he would usually give you a hug and a big kiss. When you walk in the park, he may now not hold your hand, where this used to be the normal routine.

You may find yourself alone more often because he is spending more time away from you and is occupied in other activities. Delve into the activities to see whether this is really part of his work due to more demands on his time. Ask about his activities and see if he will share any details with you. If he doesn’t want to talk about where he has been and what he is doing, it may be time to start asking questions. You do have to be prepared for the answers because he may tell you there is someone else and he wants out of the relationship. Even though you will be hurt, it is best to find out early to avoid being hurt more later down the road.

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