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Do Men Cheat More Than Women? Why?

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To answer the question do men cheat more than women? – the answer is yes. According to the statistics on adultery and infidelity, men do cheat more than women at 60%, but women are close behind at about 40%. However, the reasons for both genders are basically the same. The reason men have a higher number in the statistics is that they have more opportunity to do so when their wife is looking after the home and the family. However, you also have to look at the numbers in another way. You can interpret them as saying that 60% of men admitted to cheating, which is not to say that this is the total number. In fact if you really get at the true numbers, it is possible that more women cheat than men.

Men seem to be motivated more by sex when they have extramarital affairs and often the affair starts out with no meaning for them other than the sexual attraction. Women, on the other hand, often look for comfort and companionship in an affair to help them over rough patches in their marriage or because they need to feel that they are attractive to other men. For men having an affair gives them the opportunity to try new things with a partner and keeps them feeling young. They do, though, engage in affairs because of an unhappy home life.

An unmarried man will often cheat on his girlfriend because of a fear of commitment. Once he sees that she wants more than just dating, he will start to stray and find someone else. Married men also cheat because they want to distance themselves from the intimacy of their marriage. When they have an affair they don’t have any commitment to their lovers and so seem to have more control over the intimate parts of their lives. They don’t really care if their lover decides to end the relationship and don’t really have any kind of trust in them.

Many men who would otherwise never think of having an affair cheat when they reach their 40’s. This is often referred to as having a mid-life crisis because they realize that age is catching up to them and they may be losing their virility. The fear of getting old causes them to start looking for a lover just to prove that they still have what they did when they were younger. These men quite often have an affair with a much younger woman.

There are also different kinds of affairs. A man may cheat on his wife only once with a one-night stand. This could be the result of imbibing too much and this woman is really, willing and able. Then there is the long-term affair in which the man does start to develop an emotional attachment to the other woman and even though he knows he should break it off, he doesn’t want to. Men who are really unhappy in their marriage and want to find a way to end it will often deliberately have a tryst and make sure the wife finds out, knowing that she will file for a divorce.

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