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Do You Suspect Spousal Infidelity? – Get To Know The Signs

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It is important for both spouses to know the warning signs of spouse infidelity. Once you start to have suspicions and you start to look for evidence to confirm or deny these suspicions, you will realize that there are signs all around you – a t work and at home. No matter how careful a spouse is when having an extramarital affair, he/she is bound to make a mistake and let something slip. It is equally important to realize that just one of the signs does not mean you partner is cheating on you. Rather is a combination of signs that will lead to the discovery of infidelity.

There are different signs to look for depending on whether the spouse is male or female.

Signs That Your Wife is Cheating:

* You find that she has been taking birth control pills even though you’ve had a vasectomy. You should ask about this because there are female medical conditions for which the doctor may prescribe birth control pills.
* All of a sudden she starts working out and trying to lose weight. This is not necessarily a sign on its own, but it could be if she didn’t tell you about it.
* You find that your wife has a cell phone and you know nothing about it. She refuses to talk about it and won’t tell you the number.
* She stops wearing her wedding ring
* She has new jewelry that you didn’t buy and there are no receipts to prove that she bought it herself.

Signs That Your Husband is Cheating:

* He comes home smelling of a perfume that is different from yours
* You find condoms in his pocket when you have had your tubes tied or you are taking birth control pills
* You find receipts for hotel rooms and purchases that you don’t know anything about
* The passenger seat is always moved in the car
* He has a separate cell phone with the bill going to his office
* He showers as soon as he comes home each day, which is something he never used to do
* He has unexplained scratches on his back

Signs for Either Partner:

* You notice a decided change in the way your friends react to your spouse
* Your partner has a new email address
* Your partner takes an unexpected interest in making sure all incoming calls are deleted from the caller’s list
* Takes cell phone calls in another room or has the phone turned off when you are around
* Starts to accuse you of cheating
* Deliberately picks a fight and then leaves the house
* Works a lot of overtime but doesn’t receive extra pay

In order to discover whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, you will have to become a sort of private detective and devise ways to check up on him/her without arousing suspicion. You can purchase a listening device and place it unseen in the car so you can hear conversations in the vehicle or at least his side of a phone conversation. Then again, you can hire a private investigator to actually get you the photographs.

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