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Extramarital Affairs Are More Common Than You Think

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According to statistics, 60% of married men and 40% of married women have extramarital affairs. Quite often the spouse has no inkling whatsoever that the partner is cheating with another person. This is because the cheating spouse is so well able to cover the tracks or the partner just takes everything at face value and believes everything he/she is told.

Let’s look at the reasons of these affairs and there are many. Sometimes, the other spouse is at fault for not providing an adequate level of support, love or intimacy. Again, a spouse who does not show any decrease in the attention paid at home or the level of intimacy is quite good at playing both sides of the coin and may never get caught.

For some men, one woman is not enough. They like to collect women and have affairs the same way other people like to collect trophies. They have affairs and break them off, only to start another because it gives them a feeling of prowess. There are also women who like to add men’s names to their list of who they have slept with and had affairs with. For these, affairs do not mean anything other than another way of having fun.

When spouses are going through difficult times, one or both of them may have an affair as an act of revenge against one another. It may also provide them with the love and the feeling of being needed that they are not receiving at home. It may also be a way of one spouse telling the other that the marriage is over and it is time to move on, but doesn’t want to be the one to move out. In this way, the innocent spouse will become enraged and take steps to dissolve the marriage.

For some married couples, having affairs is a way to add spice to their marriage and their love life and actually approve of each other going out with other people. In fact, two couples are good friends and go out together often and then switch partners. They do not think of themselves as having affairs and like the excitement of keeping this a secret from their other friends or co-workers.

When you find that your partner is having an affair, you need to sit down and talk about h\is/her reasons for doing so. This is essential if the marriage is to continue and succeed. For some, having an affair is their way of letting their partner know that a problem does exist. It may be just a way of one or the other wanting to know that he/she is still attractive to others and that the affair does not really mean anything.

Finding out your spouse is having an affair is a traumatic experience, from which some couples never recover. It does take work to make a marriage succeed and when one of the partners does admit to an affair, it compounds the problems the couple has to resolve.

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