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Factors That Contribute To Cheating In Relationships

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There are several factors that lead to partners cheating in relationships. The first one is that they do not take their commitment to one person seriously and think that it is okay to have more than one partner. Others may have problems in the relationship and look for other ways of regaining their emotional stability and get over feelings of being neglected. A third factor is that one of the partners realizes that the person he/she married or has a relationship with is not really what they wanted in terms of interests and activities of all kinds, including sexual activity.

Quite often cheating happens accidentally. Most people do not deliberately set out to cheat on their partners. Opportunities arise and there may be a sense of curiosity and experimentation wondering what it would be like to be with another person who just happens to be available and lets you know it. Statistics do show that most people who cheat on their partner have done so in the past and are likely to do so in the future. They probably do not realize how hurtful the discovery of infidelity is for the other person.

There is no one reason why cheating occurs in relationships. There is usually a combination of factors that lead up to the final push. If one of the partners is not putting as much as the other into making the relationship work, then this can cause problems. One partner may think the other is cheating and then cheat with someone out of revenge, without having nay evidence to prove the unfaithfulness. A lack of open and frank discussions with one another is often to blame in this situation when both partners do not fully reveal their feelings to each other.

Even though you are married, you may meet someone else and fall in love with this person. You start out by cheating just to see how things work out and then it becomes a full blown affair. Cheating is stressful because you are constantly watching over your shoulder to make sure you won’t get caught. This leads to secretive behavior, which your spouse will notice and become suspicious. Then you have to try to act as normal as possible and still come up with ingenious ways to meet with your lover. While you do know that what you are doing is wrong, it is also exciting and gives you a new purpose in life. When the affair comes out in the open, you are almost relieved that the sneaking around is over.

There are two sides to cheating situations. Men and women cheat on their partners for different reasons. For some the cheating does not mean anything and they do dearly love their partners. They know that they should stop and some do without anyone ever finding out. Even if the cheating results in a divorce, your new partner may have doubts about your faithfulness when he/she starts to notice little discrepancies and so the cycle starts to repeat itself.

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