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How to Detect the Signs of a Cheating Man

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When you start to suspect that your man is cheating on you, then you start to become more observant to see if you can pick up on any of the signs of a cheating man. If you have a best friend who has gone through this kind of experience, you can take to her in confidence to find how out she discovered the affair. There are also many online sources that provide you with details of some signs to look for. These include such things as:

* Finding lipstick on a shirt collar, which is the most obvious one
* Detecting the scent of perfume on your man’s clothing
* Finding stray hairs on clothing that are definitely not yours
* Noticing that the passenger seat in the car is moved from your usual position
* Finding condoms in his wallet
* Noticing charges on the bank or credit card statement for dinners or purchases that you are not familiar with
* Noticing that he wants to talk on the telephone in private rather than let you listen in on the conversation

Maybe he has been taking many business trips or fishing trips and you realize that the people he says will be with him are actually home. This will tell you that he is not where he says he will be. If the location is close to where you live, you can make the short journey saying you intended to surprise him when you found out that some of his buddies “bailed” out on him and you still want him to have an enjoyable time. This could be a surprise he wasn’t expecting – in more ways than one.

Working late many nights in a row when he previously didn’t work late or now seems eager to work overtime when he previously complained about doing so is another sign that he may be meeting another woman. You do have to be cognizant of any changes in his need for sexual activity. Maybe he is not as active as he used to be or is not displaying any interest. There could be a medical reason for this, which is why you should sit down and talk about it.

You may also notice that he tends to talk about one woman in particular more than usual. This could be a co-worker of his or a friend of both of you or someone you don’t even know. The best way to find out if this is the “other woman” is to take things slowly and try to find out as much about the activities of this person as possible. Just asking innocent questions could make him feel uncomfortable and want to stop the conversation.

You may resort to following your man to see where he goes when he leaves the house and you know he isn’t going to work. Check his cell \phone to see the number he calls most often or the number from which he receives calls. If this is a number you don’t recognize, you can use a reverse telephone number look up to find the name and address of this person.

All of these signs can give you the evidence you need to confront him about his cheating ways.

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