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How To Recognize The Signs Of A Cheating Husband

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If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you, it is best to find out before it progresses too far so you can save your marriage. This is why it is important for you to be able to recognize the signs of a cheating husband. It is also important to realize that just one of the signs does not mean that your husband is cheating on you, but rather you should look for a combination of signs to help make your decision of whether or not to confront him.

In the process of determining whether or not your husband is being unfaithful, you will take on the persona of a private investigator of sorts. Of course, this is one option, if you want to spend the money involved in hiring such a person, but you may find out that there is nothing to your suspicions. It is best to wait until you have sufficient evidence to make you certain that he is having an affair.

There are certain signs that are obvious, such as finding receipts for hotels in his pocket or wallet or finding condoms, when you cannot get pregnant. More subtle signs that he could explain away include finding lipstick on his shirt collar, the scent of perfume on his clothing or even late nights at work. If your husband is spending more time than usual away from home without just cause, then you can start looking for more evidence to confirm your suspicions.

Many husbands who are cheating on their wives use overtime at work or evening meetings as excuses to stay away from home. You can start by checking this out by calling him at work or by driving by his office to see if his car is in the usual parking space. Ask about the places where he has these evening meetings and who is present, but present in a normal conversation so as not to arouse his suspicion and make him more careful. If his reaction is defensive, then you know that there is something going on with another woman.

The bank statements and credit card statements are another way in which you can check up on your husband’s activities. Usually men who have another women do take them to hotels and buy them gifts. When you notice items that you are not familiar with, you can easily check them out with the bank by requesting a copy of the receipt or even calling the hotel. Gifts that have been bought but not received by you offer evidence that you can question by asking where they are and gauging the response you receive.

A man who suddenly starts keeping his telephone conversations private or has his phone turned off when he is with you is displaying secretive behavior. You can ask to borrow his cell phone on some excuse and check the number he has been calling or who has been calling him. At least this will give you a name to start with and you can do a little further investigating to find an address.

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