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It’s Harder To Catch Cheating Husbands

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With the advances in technology it’s now getting harder for wives to find evidence with which they can confront their cheating husbands. At one time, the telltale sign was lipstick on the collar. However, the lipstick of today does not come off easily and since it is so well known, the other woman is also careful not to get caught, especially if she is married or in a relationship.

High-speed Internet, cell phones, text messages and fax machines make it easier than ever for unfaithful partners to communicate with the ones they are cheating with. This allows mane and women to communicate in secret without leaving a trace that is easy to find. At one time, the only way of communicating by telephone was through a landline and then with Caller ID, one could easily see who had called the home. Now with a cell phone, you can talk anywhere, in the car, on the street – even in the bathroom. A husband who doesn’t want his wife to know that the girlfriend is calling can easily turn off the phone when she is around.

Communicating by means of the Internet is also quite easy. All you need is an email address and you can send messages to whomever you please. A husband that is cheating on his wife will have an email address and password that she knows nothing about and therefore can live a completely different life with a different set of friends. With online messaging, he can make plans to meet without his wife being aware of his activities.

The Internet also offers ways of getting caught when the husband is cheating if he is not careful. It is so easy to make purchases and book hotels online. All one needs is a credit card. This is sometimes the way that wives get the evidence they need to prove an affair. When the credit card statement comes in and there are charges she didn’t know about for gifts or hotels – well it’s only natural that this would raise suspicions.

There are ways for a wife to check her husband’s computer activity. If he starts spending more time than usual on the computer, you may wonder whom he is talking to. Of course, he may just be searching for information on various subjects, but if you ask and this is the case, he will gladly tell you what he is doing. When the answer is “just surfing around”, you could probably come to the conclusion that there is someone else. When he leaves the computer, check the browsing history to see the sites he recently visited. If it has been cleared then there is something he doesn’t want you to know.

Keep a close watch on the Caller ID of your house phone because sometimes, the other woman will call when she knows you’re not at home. If you can manage to get your hands on the cell phone, you can bring up the list of callers and numbers stored in the memory. If these are not familiar to you, use a reverse telephone look up to get a name and address.

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