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Married Women Who Cheat – Why Do They Do It?

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Society seems to be more accepting of the fact that husbands cheat on their wives, but there are married women who cheat on their husbands and the numbers are rising. When you hear of a woman who has been caught cheating you may be really surprised because she doesn’t fit the stereotype of what you perceive to the characteristic type of cheating wife. Some women do not take the vows of marriage as seriously as others and are known for their extramarital affairs, even though the husbands may be the last ones to find out.

There are many reasons why married women cheat on their husbands. Some of them say they are lonely and feel neglected. Others just like the thrill of knowing that they are still attractive to other men. For some it is a matter of revenge against a cheating husband and still others are just looking for something different.

A married woman who is unhappy with her role as housewife may turn to cheating to add more excitement to her life. Cheating does not necessarily refer to having an affair with another man, but also refers to one-night stands in which the woman never does see the other person again. When the wife stays home, there are many opportunities to cheat and not get caught. She can go out in the afternoons, meet with her lover and still be home in time to have dinner on the table. If the husband does not recognize any signs of unusual behavior, he will be none the wiser about the activity.

The fact is that a married woman does not just wake up one morning and decide to cheat on her husband. There are many little incidences that lead up to this, which could include dissatisfaction with her love life, feeling that she is not appreciated or simply flirting with someone. Women who work outside the home are in constant contact with men who find them attractive and will come on to them. This does help to improve one’s self-image and then leads to wondering what it would be like to sleep with this person just once. Once may be all it takes to lead to an affair.

The reasons why a married woman would risk her marriage by cheating are virtually endless and no two women will be able to give you the same reasons. Some of the more common reasons include:

* Lack of passion in the love life
* A nonexistent sex life
* A feeling of not being wanted or loved by the husband
* Spending a lot of time home alone
* A lack of quality time together
* An inattentive husband
* A lost emotional bond with the husband

Whatever the reasons may be, the fact remains that there are many women out there who are not satisfied with the man they married and look for more adventure and love in their lives. Quite often when they do cheat and their marriage suffers as a result, they realize too late what they have lost.

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