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Signs of a Cheating Wife – What To Look For

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How would you know if your wife was cheating on you? If you suspect an extramarital affair, you will start looking for the signs of a cheating wife. Some of these are very subtle and can be easily explained, but when your wife is cheating, sooner or later she will slip up and leave traces that you can find. There are times when the signs are something that only you will pick up on and usually by this time, you are the last to know.

If your wife works at an office and all of a sudden, she starts to have evening meetings all the time, this could be a warning sign. If she has received a promotion, this could be the reason, but no one has meetings every night. Try calling the office to see if she is there or call her cell phone, taking particular notice of the background noises. It is possible she may have a dinner meeting, which will explain the sounds of a restaurant, but you do have to take note of how often these dinner meetings take place. When your wife says she does have a dinner meeting, casually ask the name of the restaurant. If she is hesitant about giving it to you, then a red flag should immediately go up.

If your wife suddenly doesn’t want to be intimate with you or doesn’t seem as loving as she once did is also a sign that there may be cheating. She can explain this way due to sickness once or twice, but not all the time. The lessening of intimacy in a marriage means that it is time for the two of you to sit and have an open talk about what is happening to your feelings.

Another sign that your wife may be cheating is a sudden disinterest in family activities, visiting friends or having friends over. This can tell you that she has developed other interests and other friendships that are taking precedence over spending time with you and the people you usually associate with.

Does your wife no longer enthusiastically greet you when you come home? If this is a change in her behavior, then it is cause for alarm. Does your wife speak in hushed tones when on the telephone and keep calls to your home short? When you check the Caller ID, you may notice that it is an unfamiliar number, which she can pass off as a wrong number. However, if these numbers keep cropping up on the phone, then you should consider the fact that your wife is having an affair.

When you do suspect that your wife is cheating on you, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions and start making accusations. If you want to work things out and save your marriage, such actions can lead to saying things that you wish you could take back, but can’t. The wise option is to confront your wife calmly and ask that the two of you discuss what is happening in an attempt to resolve the situation to the benefit of both of you.

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