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The Difficulty of Finding Accurate Adultery Statistics

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First let’s take a look at the adultery statistics as reported by Associated Press. According to this source, the statistics are as follows:

* 22% of married men have had an affair or a one-night stand
* 14% of married women have had an affair
* 70% of married women did not know there husbands were unfaithful
* 54% of married men did not know there wives were unfaithful
* 17% of divorces in the US are the result of adultery

No one really knows for sure if these statistics are accurate because of the secrecy that surrounds infidelity in a marriage. A husband or wife that was surveyed and who had committed adultery is not likely to admit the fact if their partner is still not aware that there was an affair. Experts will tell you that your gut instinct that something is wrong is your first indication that your partner is cheating. A man or woman who is really adept at covering tracks and of keeping secrets may never show any signs of infidelity. Therefore, their partner never has any suspicions.

According to Eagle’s Nest Publications, men are the largest numbers of cheaters at 60-70%, while women fall into the 30-40% range. While adultery is often the reason a married couple decides to separate, it is probably not the reason used in court for the divorce because of the amount of evidence needed to prove the infidelity.

Adultery is considered immoral as it breaks the seventh commandment, even though there are numerous accounts of adultery in the Bible. In most countries it is considered breaking the moral law and not the criminal law. In some countries of the world adultery is a crime punishable by death. In some of the US states, it is also a crime, such as in Utah where a person convicted of adultery can be sentenced to three years in jail and in Alabama where such a conviction carries a $100 fine and this person is not allowed to hold public office. This is why many divorces in this state do not cite adultery as the reasons for the break up of the marriage and therefore do not become part of the statistics.

So when we see statistics about the increase or decrease in the rate of occurrences of adultery, you have to look at the location described in this statistics. Look at the laws of the country regarding adultery and then consider whether or not these numbers are actually a true reflection of the actual state of affairs. To really understand the statistics for a country, such as the US, one would need to have the numbers broken down by states and even subdivided to include the Armed Forces. One could also look at these statistics to find those committing adultery in jobs that involve a lot of travel.

So what do these statistics actually tell us? The answer is nothing really because they are not a true reflection of the real situation.

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