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Tips To Help You Catch An Unfaithful Girlfriend

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When you start to have a gut feeling that you have an unfaithful girlfriend, you cannot just start throwing around accusations because it may not be the case. You could be ending a healthy relationship without just cause because then your girlfriend will think you don’t trust her and may actually start an affair just to get revenge What you do need to do is become more aware of what led to those suspicions and start looking for evidence to confirm or deny them. Any partner cheating on another will try to be extremely careful, but sooner or later she will skip up and make a mistake.

The reasons for the unfaithfulness are different for each person and there is no one sign that will point directly to the cheating activity, unless you actually catch her with another man. There is a combination of signs that you should look for and once you recognize them they will all add up. The first thing to think about is your sex life. Has there been a decrease in your lovemaking? Is she always tired and comes up with excuses leaving you to think she doesn’t have any time for you any more? At one time you spent all your time together and were always kissing, hugging and holding hands, but now that seems to be a thing of the past. Her excuses of extra work, having to be out of the house more often shopping or running errands may be her opportunities to meet with her lover.

Is your girlfriend acting more secretive lately? A cheating girlfriend will try to hide things from you, such as talking on the phone in another room, having her cell phone turned off when you are around or making sure that she is the one to erase the caller’s list on the house phone. When she is using the computer, if she suddenly turns off the computer or switches to a different screen as soon as you come around, it may be because she is chatting with someone online and doesn’t want you to know about it.

When you ask about her day, she may not want to tell you the details about what she did or where she went. You may notice inconsistencies in her stories and catch her saying that she was in a certain place when you know for a fact that she wasn’t there. When you bring this up, she may feign forgetfulness or say that she was mixed up in the time or the date. All these are excuses that should alert you that there is someone else with whom she is carrying on behind your back.

Try to get her cell phone and look at the caller’s list. An unfamiliar number that calls constantly should set off the warning bells. Then using a reverse telephone look up service, you can find the name and address of this caller. Check out the address to see what the man does or goes. You might want to indiscreetly follow your girlfriend when she goes on one of her supposed errands to see if you can catch her in the act.

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