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Top Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Why do men cheat on their partners? For most men it is the thrill of the chase to see how many women they can have. These men do not actually have long-term affairs – just one night stands and feels that these do not mean anything at all. Sex is usually the driving force behind these cheating activities – looking for something different or something more varied than what they are used to with their partners. The fact that they are still attractive to women after years of marriage is something that turns on all men but only some of them take it to the next level.

Some men are unfaithful because they do feel neglected by the partners. The woman may be busy with work, the children and housework and although she loves her husband, she doesn’t realize that he is felling left out and not needed. Therefore he will seek comfort from someone else, whether it is a coworker in whom he confides or a woman he picks up at the bar. In many cases the woman is a good friend of the couple and one that comes to the home on a regular basis.

It is also true that men do not intentionally set out to cheat on their partners. When they become good friends with someone else, they may both realize that their friendship has taken a new turn and they just drift into an affair. In this case, the man may feel extreme guilt because of the infidelity because they do have deep feelings for their partner and do not want to inflict any hurt.

When a husband finds out that his wife has been cheating, quite often the first reaction is for him to cheat as well. In this case, the reason for cheating is one of revenge and to assuage the feelings of anger and hurt. With this type of cheating, the man does not usually take any steps to hide it and will probably even brag about it just to show that he can do the same thing.

Peer pressure often plays a role in infidelity. A man that works in an office with other men who cheat on their wives and he socializes with them will be drawn into the same activity because of the many times he is in a situation where he can easily find another woman to sleep with. Even if it had never occurred to him, when he sees his friends cheating and getting away with it, he will probably think he would like a taste of this other side of life as well.

Other reasons why men are unfaithful to their partners include:

* The desire to feel important

* The feeling that this is something they are entitled to do

* Sexual addiction

It may even just be a one time thing when a man just wants to satisfy his curiosity of what it would be like to have sex with someone other than his partner.

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