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What Are The Obvious Signs Of Infidelity?

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There is no one sign that will point directly to the fact that your partner is cheating on you aside from the obvious evidence of getting caught red-handed in a compromising position. Rather it is a combination of the signs of infidelity that will arouse your suspicions and make you more aware of any noticeable changes in behavior before you have a confrontation about the issue.What will probably alert you most to the possibility of infidelity is a change in the personality and behavior of your partner. He/She may become more irritated with you over little things that previously went unnoticed. Secretive behavior, such as working a lot of overtime without extra pay showing up on the pay check or spending long periods of time away from home without any reasonable explanations could also be warning signs. The tone of voice when talking to you may have changed or your partner may start mentioning new people in his life that you don’t know.

Paying more attention to one’s physical appearance and making changes in one’s lifestyle are also signs that something new is taking place. Your partner could all of a sudden start dressing more stylishly, wearing more jewelry or even changing hair colors. If this is something completely out of the ordinary, you many want to start paying closer attention to where your partner goes after leaving the house. It may be so much of a change that you may resort to devious tactics such as following and then asking questions about where he/she has been when they return home.

Traveling for work reasons offers many opportunities for men and women to engage in extramarital affairs thinking that their partners will never find out. Be very observant of where your partner goes on these “business trips” and who goes along. The most obvious other woman is the secretary, but it is possible that your partner met someone in a certain location and always takes advantage of opportunities to return there. Why not ask if you can tag along on the next trip and gauge the reaction you get?

The telephone and the car will also give you indications of infidelity. When you notice the same unknown number appearing on your Caller ID or if your partner suddenly wants to talk on the cell phone in private, you may get a hint that there is something secretive in his actions. Try calling back the number and ask whom you are speaking with. You may actually get an answer that you don’t want to hear and find out the truth.

Intimacy may become diminished or non-existant. There often are medial reasons for a reduction in sexual activity, but this shouldn’t interfere with hugging and kissing or just generally holding hands or displaying signs of affection. Perhaps you have always been used to holding hands when you go for a walk and now your partner not only won’t hold your hand in public, but claims not to like those strolls in the park any more.

When you notice any of these signs, it is time to do a little further investigation of your own. Then sit down and talk things out with your partner to find out the underlying causes of the infidelity.

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