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Why Do Girls Cheat? – Why They May Want Someone Else

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Why do girls cheat? This is a question to which there is no one simple answer. Every girl has her own reasons for cheating on her boyfriend or husband and each relationship is unique. Sometimes, guys do silly things that don’t mean anything to them, but it really ticks off their girlfriends. Then she may cheat in a one-nightstand just to get even or to prove that she can get someone else. In exceptional cases, there are girls who are addicted to cheating and it doesn’t make any difference how good they have it or how well their boyfriends treat them. They are going to cheat and that’s it.

No girl wants to be saddled with a desperate needy man because of the negativity that surrounds the relationship. When you are in a relationship with someone who is miserable all the time, this tends to bring you down. Therefore a girl in this type of situation will seek out the comfort of someone with a more upbeat attitude just because she wants to have some fun in her life. She also doesn’t want to be the one responding to her boyfriend’s needs all the time. Her needs have to be met as well, but when he only has time to make sure he gets what he wants, then she has no time for herself.

A boyfriend who isn’t willing to take responsibility for his own mistakes will end up losing his girlfriend. She can’t and won’t admit to making mistakes all the time for something that she didn’t do. Some men have a lot of difficulty saying that they are sorry when the two simple words “I’m sorry” will solve a lot of problems. As a result small issues that can be swept under the rug or ignores, result in a big fight with one or the other storming out. This may be the time she decides that she doesn’t want any more of this wand starts to look for someone new.

Sexual satisfaction is not the same as sexual gratification. When your girlfriend is satisfied with your love life, then there is little chance she will look elsewhere. You have to make sure that she is satisfied and not concentrate on making sure that you are not the only one that gets satisfaction from the love making. All good relationships between partners needs to have an active sex life to give both of you what you need.

One of the main things in maintaining a good relationship with your girlfriend is to keep the lines of communication open. You should always answer her questions honestly and confide in her about your day at work and your friends. Keeping secrets is a sure way to arouse her suspicions and lead to her cheating on your with someone else. When you start out as friends and then start dating, the friendship has to stay as the basis on which you build the relationship and you will stay together and get stronger.

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