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Why Do Men Cheat? Hurt Wives Want to Know

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There is no one answer to the question “Why do men cheat?” Nor is there a simple answer to this question. For some it is just because the opportunity presented itself and they thought they could do cheat without getting caught. However, there are three categories that cheating men usually fall into – those with low self-esteem, those who have an unhappy marriage and those who just want fun without making any commitments.

Men who have low self-esteem often want to have more than one woman just to confirm that they are needed and attractive. They hop from one affair to another seeking the attention that they need. Once they have one woman, they look for someone better and never seem to be satisfied with what they have. Counselors say that some of these men have feelings of emotional deprivation stemming from their younger days and they always have doubts about their worthiness.

Added to this, these men who cheat are often very competitive in their world of work and leisure, always trying to be better than their peers. They try to impress their peers with their performance and this translates into their cheating. Usually they do not make a secret of their affairs and feel as if they brag about their affairs they gain a name for themselves, but it is often in a way different from what they intend. They gather women to increase their feelings of self-worth. They may or may not be married with a happy home life. They have a never-ending search to prove something to themselves that they can get women whenever they want.

Some men cheat to get away from an unhappy home life. They do not want to sever their relationship with their spouse because there are children involved. So they figure that if they have an affair it will give them the emotional stability and the feeling of being loved and needed that they need. They believe that if they have an affair it will help them to resolve their issues of being unhappy. When these men cheat, they have no intentions of having a long term affair or of ending their marriage or relationship with their partner. In this case, there is a problem because it prevents the problems at home from becoming resolved because they are pushed to the backburner.

Men who are afraid of making a commitment to one woman often have many affairs. As soon as they think that the woman is starting to look for something more permanent, then they end the affair by cheating with another woman. They do live living with someone for the sense of safety they have of having a person to come to at the end of the day, but will not formalize the arrangement with marriage. They enjoy the fun aspect of it and as soon as they perceive the fun is gone out of the relationship, they start looking for someone who will provide them with the fun they crave.

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