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Why Do People Cheat When They Have A Loving Partner?

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Temptation to cheat on your partner is all around you if you recognize the signs. Your next-door neighbor always compliments you on your clothes or perfume and makes flirtatious remarks. A coworker looks for every opportunity to be by your side and strike up a conversation. While most people do brush these off and find ways of getting around them, there are others who do not and end up having an affair. Why do people cheat on their partners when they have a happy life?

The decision to cheat is not one that happens all of a sudden. A man or woman just doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to look for a lover with whom they can have a one-night stand or a long-term affair. Some of those people who do cheat do have an unhappy home life and rather than face a large confrontation, they sidestep the issue and gain some comfort out of an affair. Quite often, though, it happens by accident and has nothing to do with the other partner, who is often very unsuspecting that something is going on.

Relationships do fall into a pattern as the years go by. The excitement of dating and the honeymoon does wear off when real life sinks in and bills have to be paid. Then when the children come along, life changes again with less time to go out together because of babysitting needs. The financial situation also changes with increased expenses. Most times, both partners have to work and come home tired and grumpy or work different shifts. So there time together decreases. At the workplace they make new friends and have experiences that the other cannot relate to.

A lack of communication between partners if another reason why people do cheat in a relationship. They grow apart, with each one having different chores and responsibilities. They become complacent in their relationship and start to take one another for granted. And then they realize that the fun has gone out of their lives so they look for other ways to bring it back. For example, a man that comes home each day to listen to a string of complaints about what went wrong, is going to look for companionship that will allow him time to laugh and relax. The lack of talking and listening to each other is often the cause of infidelity.

Although partners need to be good friends to provide the basis for their relationship, they should always try to keep the spice and excitement going. When your relationship reverts to friendship and you rarely have intimate moments together and sex becomes almost nonexistent, it is likely that one or the other of the partners will stray to try to get back some of the excitement that is missing.

No marriage has a 100% guarantee that one or the other won’t cheat or won’t be tempted to cheat. Relationships need work on the part of both partners to make them last.

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