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Why Women Cheat – Some of the Common Reasons

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Why women cheat has been the topic of many surveys and papers trying to determine the reasons why women want another man in their lives. The most common reason that they give for their infidelity is that they are hurt emotionally. This hurt can come from the emotional rejection by their partner, because they are lonely, or because they found out that their partner cheated and now they want to exact revenge. Sometimes it is because they just want to make sure they are still attractive to other men because they have low self-esteem or self-confidence.

Loneliness is the main reason women give for cheating on their husband or boyfriend. They are left alone a lot while their spouse goes out with the boys or takes a lot of trips associated with work. This makes for an unsatisfactory relationship in which their emotional needs are not being met. They therefore look to another man to give them what they miss from their relationship. Even if they know the partner is working long hours to make money that they need, she still fells as if work is taking precedence over her needs.

When a woman feels lonely in a relationship and her emotional needs are mot being met, she feels as if she is unattractive and that her partner doesn’t love her. Instead of talking about her feelings with her partner, she feels it is easier to seek what she needs from another source. While most of the time this is another man, it could also be from another woman in a lesbian relationship.

A woman that has been hurt by her partner wants revenge. There is nothing as dangerous as a woman scorned. She will do whatever it takes to get back at her partner and prove that two can play at this game. Sometimes, she has not actually discovered that her partner has been unfaithful, but she does have her suspicions. The only way she can think of to draw him out into the open is to have an affair herself, hoping that it will make him wake up and start to work on saving their relationship. In this case, she is not cheating out of revenge, but is doing so as a cry for help.

The thrill and excitement of sneaking around is often a turn on for some women and this is why they cheat. They want to see how long they can carry on with an affair before getting caught and like the attention they receive from both their partner and their lover. For some, the experience of cheating is something that gives them an adrenalin rush. They are bored with their life as a wife and mother and want to be appreciated in other ways.

Whatever the reasons women or men give for cheating on their partners, the result is that both of them get hurt when the affair comes out in the open. This is especially tragic when there are children involved who inadvertently get hurt and they don’t understand why.

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